Evernote Updated Its Android App with New Reminders Feature

The most renowned note-taking service, Evernote updates its native Android app to the version 5.1.1. The new update includes customizable reminders feature that has arrived on iOS, Mac as well as Evernote’s web version 2 weeks ago.


The new tool provides the opportunity to add definite deadlines to their notes, eliminating the need for a to-do list, dedicated calendar or any other productivity app.

Now the app includes an alarm icon at the top of each note, which users can click at any time to create a new reminder. The app also displays a simple and clear pop-up screen to select specific time and date, and also the option to get a notification – either through standard email or Android when the deadline approaches.

Evernote app

Notes with reminders are attached to the top of your note list, and also search outcomes and tag lists. The reminders synchronize across almost all the Evernote versions, including iPad, iPhone, Mac and Web, making certain that the user is aware of the future deadlines all the time, regardless of the device they are using.

The app also turns beneficial to the business people who use this note-taking service within small groups. Users can now sign up for reminders that are pinned to any shared and business notebooks and get notified.

When a reminder is done, users can remove that with the help of check box system of the app.

Evernote android app

The company also brings few other enhancements to the app, including an easy process to copy and paste content in the note view, and also a rectified order for images that are captured using multi-shot camera functionality.

Additional to these features, shortcuts have also been upgraded and also improved support for Japanese language.

Users can download the updated Evernote version from Google Play Store for free.

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