Facebook Android App updated with Chat Heads integration

Facebook, a popular social media network with over 900 million users has updated its widely recognized Messenger App for Android devices.

The company has added a new interface named “chat heads”. Alongside of the Facebookhome feature, few Android powered devices are expected to receive this Messenger update once it gets released.

Facebook Messenger updated App

The chat heads are few circular icons that allow the App users to move between the conversations with different people. With this update, users who open up the App will notice that the various conversations that you make on the App are shown as a list format on the device’s screen.

Facebook Messenger App

To access this amazing feature, App users must press the conversation preview for longtime and then tap on the pop-out chat head option from the menu that gets displayed in the screen. The conversation that user selects is showcased as a ‘booble’ and they can directly join the conversation from where they have left.

Highlights of the App:

  • Users can add voice messages, insert photos into the conversation and append smileys and other emoticons
  • Receive push notifications whenever a friend initiates a group conversation
  • Users can just swipe to left of the screen to view all available friends
  • Supports instant chatting, even when you open up other Apps
  • Include location to let your friends where you are

Android users to procure this amazing App must visit Google Play Store.

Download link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca

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