Facebook for Android Brings Support for Images in Comments

Facebook for Android has received another new update recently, which brings few photo-centric nifty features that should turn out as significant additions for the dedicated Facebook users.


First up, users will now be able to comment on a post with a picture. This features has been accessible on the desktop edition since last June and on the iOS version since 5 months, and conceivably, it has become a good platform to share memes. From now, this feature is also available for Android users.

Next up, the revamp also brings some new options that allows you upload, organize, and share your photos. The app now enables you to upload several images at once, this is apt for creating quick collection and even edit/delete albums.

Moreover, the update also brings you the ability to untag yourself from the photos, which should be much useful if you are getting back to your home from a party and already upset about some of your behavior. According to Android Police, some users have also got a flatter user interface, but it is not available to everyone just yet.

Lastly, the revamp also brings enhancements to help group administrators to pin and unpin posts, and to review pending and reported posts.

Android users can download the latest version of Facebook app right from the link given below.

Facebook download link for Android (free)

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