Facebook for Android Receives an Update with New Features

To add more features to the Facebook Home, Facebook has modernized its Android app. The update includes enhancements for both social network’s app and app launcher.


Now the updated version lets users to readily alter the post sharing settings. So with this feature, you can now smoothly and quickly change who can view your shared posts (Public, Only me, Custom or Friends), as you prefer.

The update also provides the ability to send several images in one message. This feature should be specifically useful the one who capture few snaps and want to share all of them at once with a single person or more people on the social network.

facebook app

The update also provides a new feature, Favorites tray to Facebook Home. This latest feature allows you to keep your desired apps on the user’s homescreen by just dragging them to tray. But this feature won’t probably change most people’s minds about Home.

The update also brings memory and stability enhancements along with bug fixes. Android users can download this app from Google Play Store for free.

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