Facebook Releases Latest Android app for Non-Facebook Users

Facebook’s recently developed messaging app needs only the users with a mobile phone and no need of an account. Sounds great!

Facebook Inc has released its 1st product accessible to the people who do not have a Facebook account that is Facebook Messenger app for Android. From now onwards, the Facebook Messenger on Android will permit login from the users who don’t have Facebook account.

This is a very noticeable change for Facebook Inc as it allows the non-Facebook people contact their friends using this app. It acts as a stepping stone to get more number of users for a giant social networking, which has more than a billion users. It also indicates that there is no need to pay any SMS charges by the Facebook users to contact their friends.


Facebook Messenger

The modification to the app has released in some countries which includes Australia, India, venezuela, Indonesia and South Africa. The company is also planning to make that accessible to the remaining part of the world, but the release date has not planned yet to make it available for the iOS users.

If this app is installed in your mobile, it sucks in all the contacts from the phone like the name and phone number. Then they can be chosen from your contact list, same as that of sending an SMS and communicated with a group-message or message thread.

The latest version of Facebook is now available for download, but you may need to hold a little longer before the latest features are joined.

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