FirstRun Fitness App for Android Launched By MobieFit

FirstRun is a new app for those who have never attempted to run before in their lives. MobieFit Company has launched this app with the hope that the app will make runners out of those who have not tried the activity before, making an amazing app for the health and fitness category. FirstRun app for Android is going to be your mobile personal trainer, preparing you for a marathon that you intend to take part in for the first time in your life.

FirstRun for Android is unique because its main target is the novice users who have never been on the road to run before in their lives. This means FirstRun is going to be single most valuable health and fitness tool for those who want to include running in their list as one of their fitness activities.

With the 5K and 10K running program offered by FirstRun, you can be sure there is everything you need to start your running journey towards physical fitness. While this app has no focus on time and distance, it will encourage you to run for a set time on a daily basis. With time, running, jogging and even walking will become an amazing experience for you, the newbie in the running game.

FirstRun Fitness App Download for Android


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