Flipkart launches Wishlist app for Android wear devices

Flipkart, the popular Indian e-commerce portal has announced the launch of a new app called Wishlist. This app is designed for Android Wear devices and allows users to view their Flipkart Wishlist on their Android wear devices.


Wishlist app also has the capability of showing push notifications from the Flipkart app on the Android wear products.  According to the company, there is a plan to include more features on this app later and some of these features include order tracking information, personalized offer notifications, price drop notifications and many more.  As of now, the app is not listed on Google Play so that only way left to download the app is to install the latest version of the Flipkart app on an Android Smartphone or tablet which can then be connected with the Android wear wearable devices. The app will then be automatically installed on the wearable device.

Wishlist app is ideal for those who use Flipkart on a regular basis and are used to adding items to the Wishlist of the app. This can is free of cost as of now and is exclusive to Android wearable devices.  So download the app now and enjoy a much better experience of Flipkart.

Flipkart Download app for Android

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