Flow Free Bridges App Review

Flow Free Bridges is a fun puzzle game developed by Big Duck Games LLC. This game is almost similar to the game called Flow Free, but includes some extra features which make the game much more interesting.

Flow Free Bridges Review

The game involves a game board which consists of varied colored dots. You need to join the same colored dots with a pipe and create a flow. To do so, you should drag your finger from a dot to the same colored dot you want to connect. But there is a condition here, you have to utilize all the boxes in the game board to create the flow and fill the entire board. But to connect the dots, you should avoid overlapping or crossing other pipes. If you do so, your pipe will be broken. Try to complete a level with possible minimum number of moves to get high score.

Flow Free Bridges Game

In this game, you will find some extra bridges on your game board. These bridges allow you to cross 2 pipes one over the other. This is the main difference between Flow Free Bridges and Flow Free games. If you are new to this game, you can easily understand the game concept by playing initial levels. But as you progress with your game, you find more challenging levels. Sometimes you find yourself retrying the levels for several times to complete a level. You also have a help button which gives you an idea of where to start drawing for the next pipe.

Flow Free Bridges App

The game consists of 2 game modes: free play and time trial. In the free play mode, there is no time limit. Whereas in the time trial mode you will have only limited time to complete a level. This game also includes several level packs with differently sized boards. The graphics are colorful and the sound effects are good. Overall, you can enjoy this fun-filled game for hours together.

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