Foursquare for Android Now Provides Location-based Recommendations Even If You Don’t Check-in

Foursquare has recently pushed an update for its Android app, which offers location-based instant suggestions via push notifications, even if you don’t check-in anywhere.


Now the app provides user tips regarding interesting locations nearby, even if the app hasn’t opened. You can check-in as usual, but even if you have not checked-in a location nearby, the app will provide you recommendations based on the check-ins and tips submitted by others. This feature is similar to that of Google Now, which offer recommendations based on what’s going on around them.

For instance, when you visit a new restaurant, the app will recommend a popular dish based on other user’s recommendations and also feature an image of the hot menu item. Additionally, when you are traveling abroad, the app will find the best places, along with friends reviews and witty things to do.

But the update is not available for all users. They take some time to roll out the update for all the users, so just keep your eye out and be patient.

Foursquare app for Android

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