Gene Effect Game App Hits Android Google Play Store

A new, adventure game has released for Android users! A game called Gene Effect, a space themed game has released to the Google Play Store.

Gene Effect is a scrolling adventure game app which lets the players to explore alien mines on the planet called Kratos. Players should collect available resources on their way and fight against mechanical devices, biological hazards and so on. By collecting the artifacts, advance your ship. Enjoy playing Gene Effect game with variant play styles and three difficulty levels.


gene effect screen shot


Feature highlights:

  • Three difficulty modes are available
  • Discover hidden artifacts
  • Hazardous traps and many destructible objects
  • Six different awards are available including time, rewards and score
  • Find out secret places
  • A dynamic gameplay
  • Solve available puzzles
  • Excellent graphics and real physics
  • A statistical overview is available which presents a complete playtime, game progress and many more

This game app is now available for Android devices in the Google Play Store. Grab the app and enjoy the game now!

Download link for Gene Effect game app :

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