Gmail for Android Received an Update with Fresh New Look

Gmail for Android has recently received a neat little update that brought a fresh and new look, along with other enhancements to the app. It has also been revealed that the app will now support ads.


Yes, the app will be supporting ads now. Ads are most definitely coming to the app which managed to stay as an ad-free version all this time, contrary to its web-based version. Users are allowed to save the ads they find interesting and dismiss if they don’t like. If you save any ads, they will be added to your inbox like that of normal messages. While the ads feature do  not seem to be live on the app yet.

Apart from ads, the update also brings warnings about messages that have not been sent yet. When you open the ‘Sent Items’, you will be warned about messages in your Outbox folder that have not been delivered to the concerned person. This is definitely a great feature that helps users to know about the status of their messages.

In the former versions, contacts without images displayed generic empty images. According to the Android Police, the updated version displays the first letter of the name in the image thumbnail rather than displaying a generic face .

Moreover, you will not find a cancel button while you try to send an email. However, there is a ‘Back’ button which you can hit if you want to cancel the mail you are trying to send. Furthermore, now the app displays darker UI buttons.

Android users can download the latest version of Gmail app from Google Play Store.

Gmail download link for Android (free)

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