Go Launcher Dev Team Launches Next Browser for Android Users

Go Launcher Dev Team, the most popular developer of customization-friendly apps is bringing a new browser, Next Browser to the Android platform! This is a free browser, which provides a faster and smoother browsing experience to the users.

Next Browser

This app has got a neat and classy look like that of other apps from the Go Dev team. It borrows different ideas from other major Android browsers and combines them together. This browser is fast and stable with good enough customization options in the settings menu.

App features:

  • A fancy Google search bar for an easy search.
  • Speed dial screen.
  • Voice searching.
  • Bookmark syncing
  • Different extensions for apps like Facebook and Evernote.
  • Tabs browsing.
  • Next view.
  • Next voice.

Next Browser app

If you just start typing in the URL bar, it pop ups applicable auto-complete terms in separated bubbles to identify easily. It has also got a gesture support in the app. Users can easily access the tabs, you just have to swipe to the right to access Next View, swipe down to terminate a tab, and swipe left for extensions. The Next View page presents an overview of the stories and headlines from other websites.

There is also a unified download manager along with a file path setting and also a bookmark syncing connected to the users’ Google account. Surprisingly, a voice search option is activated whenever you tap a soft or hard search button, with quick links to picture queries, videos and news.

Next Browser android app

Android users can download this beautiful browser from Google Play Store for free. This app is compatible with the devices that run on Android version 2.2 and above.

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