Google Keep for Android Enables You to Set Reminders for Certain Locations and Times

Google has modernized its popular note-taking Keep app, adding a slew of new remarkable features.

Google Keep

Now the app includes a new ‘Remind me’ button, which enables users to set reminders for certain locations and times. It associates with Google Now to remind you of your necessary tasks at correct place and time. For instance, if you are in a grocery store (and tagged a list of items with the store’s location), you will receive a Google Now alert to remind you the items you need to purchase.

You are also allowed to snooze your reminders and choose a location or time. This is an amazing feature!

The update also brings a new navigation drawer that allows users to quickly shift between multiple accounts. This works great for those who have work and household to-do list, for instance. Moreover, you can also view your upcoming reminders in one place.

Google Keep app

Furthermore, you are also allowed to add photos to your notes. You can add a photo you already have in your gallery, or capture a new photo.

Currently, this update is only available for Android users, there is no word regarding the update for iOS version.

Android users can download the latest version of Google Keep from Google Play Store. You can grab it for free.

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