Google Launches A New Update to Its Google+ Android App

Google is launching plenty of new goodies on the Android platform. As reported few days back at I/O, Google has released a new update for its Google+ Android app to provide a better experience to the Android users.


The new update brings Snapseed photo enhancements to the app. This brings several customizable image edit options for the users. Now users can select the filters including Retrolex and Drama directly from the app, alongside image rotation, cropping and exposure modifications.

Google+ app

Along with the photo editing features, the new Google+ version also brings the following features to the Android users:

  • Auto backup feature, which allows the users to store their photos privately as they capture them.
  • Auto enhance features allows the users to make quite good improvements to the places and the people in the photos, automatically.
  • Auto highlight feature that lets the users to browse a selection of the best shots from every set of pictures they add.
  • Auto awesome feature, useful to develop new versions of the existing photos, like panoramas and animations depending upon the photos in the library.

Google also adds new hashtags feature to the app, which adds a hashtag automatically if it can find a point of interest like a location, to an image. If you click on the hashtag, you will view posts from others that have the same tag applied.

Google+ for android

Other updates includes location sharing, which allows the users to view their friends who share their location directly on the map, in a freshly included ‘locations’ section. Additionally, the information stream has also been upgraded so users can watch the videos and read the articles without leaving the app.

The updated Google+ version is available on the Google Play Store for free. This app is compatible with the devices that run on Android version 4.0 or above.

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