Google My Business App launched for business owners

Google My Business is the name given to the latest app which has been released on the iOS as well as Android app store. This latest app is designed to make it easier for business owners to respond to customer reviews.  It also lets them respond to customer complaints as well.

Google My Business App

Google My Business lets the app the users receive push notification of the reviews and complaints left by a customer online.  The app directs the user to the added review and enables to respond to it instantly.  This is a great thing for business owners who might not always get the time to log online from the computer and respond to the reviews. So no matter where the business owner is-in the car, in the train or on a holiday, responding to customer comments is made very easy.

Google My Business is useful for those who do not like reviews lingering, especially the bad ones.  Afterall, if a single bad review sits on for a long time, it can be very bad for the business.  Infact this can also make the unhappy customer even more disappointed on not receiving a reply or response. The app requires users to set an account first.

Google My Business Download app for Android

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