Google Now Brings Support for Cricket with Live Updates

Google has rolled out a significant update to its Search app for android. This latest revamp brings support for cricket and allowed ‘Ok Google’ functionality for voice search for people who speak German and French.

Google Now

Firstly, the revamped version of the app features live updates on your most beloved national teams’ wickets and runs. Moreover, it also brings support for checking future fixtures, though users should add their team to their settings: just click on the magic wand icon within the app.

You can always ask Google about the latest scores. Even if users are not able to watch their favorite team’s match, they can though get information about the latest live results, right on your device and on the desktop.

Moreover, when you tap on a company’s stock, Google will offer you an enhanced view with additional information. Additionally, Search is much better. Now, when you are looking for images and discover one you like, links have been included to visit the image’s webpage or open that in a browser.

Furthermore, hotword detection consist of its own section as denied to just a toggle obscured under Google Voice. Users can also inactivate the hotword detection on the home screen if you make use of the Google Now launcher while keeping it activated in Search.

Android users can download the latest version of Google Search app directly from the link given below.

Google Search download link for Android (free)

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