Google Search for Android Brings Waze Traffic Updates, GEL Functionality and Many

Google has just launched an update to its smart Search app for Android. In addition to the new features like Website update, News topic and What to watch to Google Now, the revamp also includes a bit hidden functionality, but more about that later.

Google Now

Now, Search users can use voice commands to search, text and many. Indeed, this is the most significant feature added in the update. Just say ‘OK Google’ and speak out your voice commands to get your work done, like sending a message, conducting a call, and so on.

The modernized version of Search app is now compatible with the GEL (Google Experience Launcher). Just sideload the GoogleHome.apk after you update the app and boom to add the Google Experience Launcher to any of the Android devices powered by 4.1 or higher firmware.

The update also brings new website update cards which shows up the recent posts from handpicked sources and ‘What to Watch’ card displays more recommendations for television shows and movies.

Finally, Waze traffic updates are now available for Google Now! This feature provides you notifications with real-time traffic data and suggestions relevant to the selected commute.

The latest version of Google Search app is downloadable via the following link.

Google Search download link for Android (free)

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