Google Releases a New Google Admin Android App for Google Apps Admins

Here is a new app for administrators who have to manage the calendars, emails, etc for users! Google has recently released the most simple but effective official Google Admin app on the Android platform. This app helps the admins of Google Apps accounts in many ways to make their tasks much smoother and control the things on the go.

Google Admin

This new app mainly focuses on managing the user accounts. Administrators are allowed to change and set new passwords, suspend the users, join the users, set profile photos and manage groups. Additional to these features, the app even lets the users to review audit logs, contact support, manage logins and view the modifications that are done in the domain settings.

It is so simple to getting started with the app, but the users should remember to allow the API access for their organizations. The company suggests that Google Apps for Business users should also allow the Device Policies for their concerned domains, however this is not compulsory. The app also recommends the users to lock their device using a password for extra security.

Google Admin app

This app has been evolved from the Admin console and Admin SDK which were released few weeks back for developers.

At the moment, this app is compatible with the Google Apps for Chromebooks, education, Google coordinate, government and business.

Google Admin Android App

This app is available in the Google Play Store for Android users. This is a free app and works with the devices that run on Android version 2.3.3 and above. Grab the app right now and make your tasks easy!

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