Google Translate for Android Receives an Update with Sleek New Look

Google has unleashed a significant update to its Translate app for Android, which offers a faster and smoother speech translation, new UI, and support for additional languages.

Google Translate

The major addition in the update is the real-time conversational translation. Just tap the microphone and speak out what you want to say and rotate the screen to toggle between the languages.

Next up is the additional language support. The company says that it has added 3 languages (Javanese, Esperanto, and Hebrew) to the handwriting feature; just start writing words/characters you don’t understand on your screen, and the app will carry out the interpretation.

Google Translate app

On the other hand, the app’s smart camera translation feature now supports Ukranian and Malay, allowing you to translate the text using your smartphone’s camera lens. Just capture a picture of written text with your device and highlight the words you would like to translate. Based on the OCR technology, the app easily translates the text captured in pictures.

The company says that the app sports a new ‘sleek’ user interface, which provides a new look and feel to users.

Android users can download the latest version of Google Translate from the link given below.

Google Translate download link for Android (free)

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