How to Clear Background Apps on Android Devices

Apps running in the background slows down the speed of your android devices considerably. While multitasking in android is great, apps running in the background also take up much of battery life and the resources of your phone. Killing apps running in the background will free resources and extend the battery life of your android device. Here is how you can boost the performance and battery life of your phone.

Background Apps

Clear Background Apps

Go to the Settings icon which you can find in the Application Launcher. Tapping on it will open the settings menu. Go to ‘Applications’ and in there you will find ‘Manage Applications’. If you tap on ‘Manage Applications’ your android device will show you a list of all the apps that are installed on your device. You can view the apps that are currently running on your android device by tapping on the ‘Running’ tab. Scroll down to see all the running apps and decide which ones you want to kill. Tapping on these will bring up the Application Info of the apps. On this page click the ‘Force Stop’ to kill the app and you can clear the information stored by the app by clicking ‘Clear Data’.






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