How to Share Apps on Android Phones

The apps that you can find today for android phones are countless and more are being launched every day. There are many ways in which you can share android apps with other android phones such as sending the scanned barcode to the recipient or directing you to the source of that particular app. But there are even easier ways than that to share apps among android phones.

One of these ways is to install ‘Share Apps’ or ‘App Share’ which you can find in the Android Market, or you can even try plenty of other similar apps that you will find in the Android Market . These apps will help you share your android apps with other android phones easily, or you can even use the sharing utility that your phone houses by default.

Sharing Apps



Apps Sharing


If you run the app it will ask you which app out of the installed apps you want to share with another phone. After that it will show you a list of options through which you can share your selected app including Bluetooth, SMS, Social Networking, Mail and even Barcode. SMS is the easiest of these options which will send the downlink link to install that app through an SMS to the recipient phone.


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