Indian Meteorology Department Launches a new Android App to get weather Updates

India Meteorology Department (IMD), while celebrating its 138th Foundation Day has launched a new App named “Indian-Weather” for all android smartphones. The App aims at providing current weather information and other weather related information in four major cities that includes Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

In coming 8 -10 months, the IMD will add weather bulletins and provides alerts for significant events to general public through their smartphones.

IMD weather App

At present, the App gives basic information of weather forecast for coming four days along with the temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind direction. The App will identify your location and ensures that you receive correct information.

The home-screen of the App includes your current city (detects automatically) and users can make use of the tabs to see weather forecast of next four days. The App has come up with a special feature, it changes background color to match the weather. The only drawback of the App is usage of poor graphics and IMD is trying out to fix this issue in next few weeks.

Indian Weather Android App

S. Jaipal Reddy, the Union Minister for Science, Technology and Earth Sciences has informed that “IMD is in planning to enhance and improve the prediction parameters in order to provide more accurate weather information across the country”.

The App even provides agroment advisories to all farmers and general public in the country. Android smartphone users can find the App at Google play store.

Download link to get this free weather App:

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