You Can Now Control Your PC Right from Your Couch with Intel Remote Keyboard

Perhaps many have had the question on whether technology would one day make it possible to control personal computers using smart phones. Or maybe you have had the dream that one day this would be possible. Intel, a technology company in the United States of America, has finally built and launched an app that will let Android Smart Phone users have full control of their personal computers using their Android Smart Phone.


Dubbed Intel Remote Keyboard, the Android app is best suitable for mini PCs and do not require the inclusion of any peripheral device for connection. The app is best for use on any personal computer that runs on Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating System.

This is a wireless technology, which works over a Wireless Fidelity Network. When your person computer and the top app Intel Remote Keyboard are on the same Wi-Fi network, the keyboard will detect your PC automatically at the time. The app is a perfect emulation of the real life mouse and keyboard, except now it is on your Android Smart Phone.

While there are other technologies like this one, Intel seems to offer the best tech choice for those who would love the best experience in these better technology times.

Intel® Remote Keyboard Download for Android


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