An Interactive Events App Now Available for Android Devices

It is likely that you have once dreamed or thought of installing an event app on your Android device. Google finally released Interactive Events for Android devices, an app that will provide speaker bios and agenda details for every of your events. This is actually the first version of the app on Google Play Store, and is only compatible with version 4.0 and above of the Android devices.


The Interactive Event for Android comes with a user-friendly interface, and quite an interactive homepage, which features events and list of personal agendas. The app also has easy to use settings options, which help you to synch your sessions with your Google Calendar, set and use your local time instead of the conference time and create notification options that will alert you about the upcoming events.

The Interactive Event is more like a template app. In such a case, the companies that host conferences will find the new application quite a useful tool, because it will give them a quick way to set up an app for their attendee, instead of creating their own Android application from scratch. If they companies use this as a template, they will not only be able to set up their apps quickly, but also ensures that it looks good for Android platform within the least time possible.

Interactive Events App Download for Android

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