Kii Keyboard App from XDA for Android-powered devices

A new keyboard App was launched by the XDA developers and it has come up with latest themes and layout options and fascinating features that makes the App a complete one for all android users.


The App has been designed by embedding various features of other popular keyboards like Swiftkey, Swype and other.

The keyboard is still in the beta version and here are the features of the App:

Users can define their own shortcuts to type text

Extra row to place number keys and arrow keys

Prediction that shows next word, similar to swiftkey

Gesture control can be made with the gesture input, similar to Swype

Thumb keyboard that resembles the layout of split key board

Supports inputs given through iOS6 emoji

8 built-in themes that can be customized

Supportive to different themes like Go Keyboard, Better Keyboard and Themeshop keyboard

Modify pictures to set them as the keyboard background

True multi-touch keyboard

Kii Keyboard App

 The kii keyboard is even supportive to devices that run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, though t it runs on android-powered devices of version 2.1 and later. The App can be downloaded freely from Google Play store and users can find the App in 34 languages.

Click the link to download the App for free and there is no clear indication about th release of its iOS version.

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