Knock Down App Review

Knock Down is an interesting physics-based arcade game created by Innovative Games. The gameplay is similar to the very popular game, Angry Birds from Rovio.

knock down game

This game is all about knocking down all the boxes with your slingshot and provided number of balls. Certain number of boxes will be present in varied distances and heights from your slingshot and you are provided only with a limited number of balls to hit the boxes. Using this limited number of balls, you have to hit all the boxes to complete a level. If you run out of the balls with remaining boxes, you lose your game. You will have to retry the level. The controls are so simple, you just need to drag the elastic strap of the slingshot backwards, adjust the angle and then release to hit. There is no need of dragging the ball into the slingshot pocket for the next hit, as another ball will automatically occupy the slingshot pocket for the next hit.

knock down app

This game consists of several interesting and difficulty levels. Each level consists of a 3 star rating. Based on your game performance, you will be awarded with one star, two stars, or all the three stars. As you progress with your game, you find more challenging levels. This game needs more logical thinking and aiming skills to complete each and every level.

knock down review

Initially you are provided only with a single unlocked level to play with. But as you complete the levels, the further levels will be unlocked. The graphics are clean and pleasant and the sound effects are normal. If you have played this type of game before, you might get bored of this game as the gameplay is so simple without any much game settings.

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