Load Runner Classic Game is Now Available for Android

A great news for Android users! The well-known game called Lode Runner which was introduced on Apple II in the year 1983, is now available for Android devices as Lode Runner Classic.

This is a simple game in which maze-like levels are available, where the player should escape from guards while climbing and running to collect gold. There is no option for jumping and shooting, but players can blast the blocks either to trap the guard or to access the lower platforms. Once you complete your goal, you can just make your way to exit. You will have 5 lives in this game.

lode runner classic

Though the gameplay remains same as that of the native Apple II version, several new features are introduced, including screen magnifying ability around the character and adjusting the play speed. Worldwide leaderboards are available through which players can track their game progress.

New game features:

  • One hundred and fifty levels are available
  • Multiple control systems
  • Two game modes are available, Time Attack and Expedition modes
  • Newly developed magnification effect
  • Flexible color palettes
  • Varied play speeds are available, super slow level to super fast level

This game is now available for the devices running with Android 2.2 and above for $2.99. Download this game and have fun!

Lode Runner Classic game app download link for Android devices : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gmboy.loderunnerclassic

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