NASA released coloring book app to teach kids about Rockets

US Space Agency NASA has come out with the launch of a new app which is a coloring book app that is meant to teach kids about rockets.  This is a free app which is known as LSP Activity book and lets children gain knowledge about mission planning process and precise measurements related to creation of right launch vehicles.


LSP Activity book app from NASA is named after NASA’s Launch Services Programme which is a programme that prepares unmanned spacecrafts for launches.  This is located at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and is something which acts as a broker to match payloads for mission success.  The app consists of a character called Peter the Payload which guides kids through an online coloring activity book.

LSP Activity book enables children to color 24 NASA Pictures with any color from the available 14 colors.  Moreover, children can use many types of coloring methods as well to color these pictures.  There is also a crossword which teaches kids about the solar system and also an asteroid maze which mimics asteroid belts that spacecrafts navigate.  This app is available for download on both Android OS and iOS platforms.

LSP Activity Book Download for Android App

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