Luneoids- Space Survival, a tilt controlled Android gaming App

Luneoids, a new galaxy is under threat and its your job to save the people on galaxy. Its a simple game that provide great entertainment and fun for all games as you must direct a small spacecraft and fight against the enemies.

Players must push around the craft across multiple baddies by using the touch screen and acclerometer. The game is quiet challenging and filled up with different kinds of bonuses.

Luneoids Gaming Android App

Players have to gather gold coins (presented as shiny stars) and this collected gold will be helpful in purchasing ships and upgrading the exiting ships with new weapons and abilities. Mostly players stick to their basic ship and players can even collect wide variety of bonuses that includes double points, protective shields, double gold and nuke.

Luneoids Gaming App

 These bonuses will aid you in protecting your ship and fetch you more number of gold points. While playing game, players come across different kinds of enemies and it is essential to play continuously to attack the enemies.

Initially the game flows smoothly but as the waves number of Luneoids gets increased, the game gets very adventurous and tricky.

The charming graphics, cool sounds, addictive game play option and regular upgrades will make this space Survival game more popular and it stands out as the best adventurous game.

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