– an Android App for making photo albums, a startup that has launched an iPhone App last year to create automatic photo albums has now extended the App to Android users.

The App lets its users to combine photos, videos and updates related to various social media platform that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ to create a single album. Android App

 The Android App comprises all features that were present in the App’s iPhone version. With the App, users can view their personal feeds, updates from friends, nearby moments and top moments drifting across the world.

The App has introduced a latest feature named “start a moment”, that allows the users to gain more control over the albums and using this feature, users can add title to the album, invite friends, apply photo filter to enhance images and upload photos via Android’s photo gallery. App is an amazing App that gathers all your favourite pics, tweets, status updates and videos of any event and shows them in a multi-POV layout to give it a realistic feeling.

The company says that, these features will be soon added to the iPhone’s version and reports show that in last 6 months, the App has scanned over 1.6 billion images and 7 million locations on the globe.

Android users can download the App for free from Google play store.

Free download link:


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  1. Andrew Ross

    The good thing about is that it doesn’t require registering for a new account. You can log in to the app using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. I love it.


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