Motlee – a popular photo sharing Android App

Motlee App provides a fun way to capture photos during the events and helps the users in creating beautiful photo streams. Later, multiple users can contribute or add real time photos of events to the created photo streams.

Like other photosharing Apps, Motlee is crafted specially to allow a group of friends attending the event to capture photos and shared them with other friends. The App works by enabling all users to send invites to their friends regarding the event and allows them to capture images and add them to common group.

Motlee Android App

 Photo streams created by the user can be either set as private or public, later share them across the Facebook. The App supports capturing photos using front and back cameras, it even helps the users to interact with other friends by liking and placing comments on their photos.

Motlee App


  • Users can create an event, send invites to their friends and start sharing photos in an easy way
  • App is already integrated with Facebook
  • Make use of the Nearby Events feature” to see events happening around you
  • Interact with different friends by liking and commenting on their photos
  • With a single click, users can directly download their friend’s photo-gathering

Android users must head to Google Play store to download the App for free.

Free Android download:


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