Music Maker Jam is Revealed for Android Users

Magix launches its popular music maker app called Music Maker Jam on Android! This app is already available in the Windows 8 Store, which blends music creation with maximum fun.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is one among the successful music apps available in the Windows Store. This app enables users to create their own smash hits with a lively approach.

Once you launch the app, it automatically detects your device and adapts accordingly to provide a better user interface. The app offers 4 unique music styles to you: Dance, Rock Ballads, Hip Hop Vol.1, and Electric Jazz. If you wish to have more genres, you can purchase them through in-app purchases.

Music Maker Jam app

You are allowed to download demo tracks to play and remix (develop loops and songs from the scratch). Just tap the ‘+’ icon for each track, and you will be shown with available genres and instruments. You can then beautifully edit and link up tracks to make out a complete song.

Music Maker Jam for android

You can also add different effects to your song in order to add your own flavor to your desired segment. Whereas, increasing or decreasing the levels in the individual songs allow you to accentuate drums, vocals or other instruments. You can also customize the length of each loop as you desire.

Music Maker Jam android app

Moreover, the Android version comes with a special ‘shake function’. This feature allows you to shake your device to add new loops to the current song at random. It’s so simple and quick, and offers more fun while creating music.

You can also live record your songs and share them with your dear ones via social networking sites.

Android users can grab this wonderful Music Maker Jam from Google play store. This app works with devices running on Android version 4.0 or above.

Music Maker Jam download link for Android (free)

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