Nerokwick – a simple App to share your photos

In the present digital age, there are several cloud services that helps you out in sharing photos on social media sites. To make the photo sharing bit easier, Nero has come up with a new application for android powered phones, NeroKwick.

The Nerokwick application is designed with an objective to help the users to view all their photos on their mobile devices, social media sites and to share between other digital devices. It has been created in a such a way that it aids the users to add photos on tapestries for easy viewing and sharing.

At present, it is available for free and Nero is planning to release a premium version of NeroKwick in the first quarter of the year 2013 by adding several other features.


Features of NeroKwick:

  • Take a photo snap and you can find it immediately across all connected devices
  • Access all your photo collections through mobile devices and social media sites
  • Create tapestries and share with few taps.
  • Access the desired photograph through easy-to-use interface.
  • Share all your created tapestries through email or post them on your favourite social media site.
  • Supportive on all android-powered devices

Access all your photos from any device or social media sites. Leave it to Nerokwick, it organizes and arranges photos in every connected devices.

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