New Android Apps: Tango Update, Personal Capital Investing

If you look to make video calls with the help of your android device, you may need to check with the updated app Tango. It provides the video calling, free texting and voice over internet abilities to perform. Also we have Personal Capital Investing which is an application for financial management that helps in listing the investments alongside your personal spending and bank accounts.

Tango Update
Free Tango update

  • What is it?

Tango allows the users to send text, videos and voice over internet to get connected with the people.

  • What’s good about that?

The most recent update of Tango brings about new features, and also supports to play games over the new video filters for Android 4.0, voice calls and also new avatars which can be added to your video calls and account.

  • To whom it suits?

If you are looking to enhance the the calling abilities of your android device for free, Tango is available for you.

Personal Capital Investing free update

  • What it is?

With the help of Personal Capital Investing, you can combine all your investments and finances which permit you to see your total financial profile.

  • What’s good about that?

Using this application, you can easily combine the things such as bills, bank accounts, and investments. The excellent thing about this app is that it consists of the features which are more than about investments and personal spending, by combining these, it permits you to see all about the finances at once, and also provides you the ability to send checks digitally to the people and get investment advice.

  • To whom it suits?

If you are very much interested in the financial organization, management and for any kind of help you can go for this app.

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