New Wriggle app lets you find last minute offers on food and drinks

Wriggle is the name given to the latest app which has been launched on the Android platform. This new app is targeted towards all those people who are always looking out for last minute offers and deals on good and drinks in London.


Wriggle enables the users to discover places to eat and drink and have other kinds of leisure experiences at a discounted rate and all this in return for a last minute booking.  This app not only just works with a handpicked selection of businesses but also takes in a commission of 9.5% on every sale that it makes, this app is an absolute must have for all those who are always in search of good places to have drinks or enjoy a meal and love to look for offers that can be booked last minute.

Wriggle was initially launched in Bristol but has now been launched for London as well.  The businesses which the app supports get to sell of their unsold inventory through this method and thus it is a win-win situation for both the customers and the seller.  The last minute sell off reduces wastage and boosts revenue.

Wriggle Download for Android

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