Cyberpost Launches Virtual Mailbox App for Android and iOS

Businesses can now use Cyberpost to communicate with their target audience. Cyberpost app is available for both iOS and Android. Each user will now have a virtual box through which they will receive offers and promotions linked to their unique physical address.

Let’s face it: junk mails are often annoying. Unfortunately, though, we keep receiving them from time to time, particularly from people we don’t know. Cyberpost, a company that helps businesses to connect and build relationship with their audiences, have assume the responsibility of addressing the junk mail issues, and they are making sure that, through Cyberpost for iOS and Android, users will only get relevant mails from the businesses they know about.


Cyberpost allow businesses to send virtual content not only to specific geographical locations, but also around the world. Although businesses can target customers in their locality, they will never be able to see the users because every user will remain anonymous. It looks like Cyberpost decided that it would be up to the user to choose offers that they can engage to. You must be a registered member to use Cyberpost.

Once you have an account, you will have the freedom to browse different offers, including videos mails, discount vouchers and business promotions. Then, you can save content that interests you, share content with friends or do nothing at all. The best thing is that you can block specific businesses from sending you promotional mails if you don’t like what they are offering – you can, also, block them if their messages don’t interest you.

Cyberpost App Download for Android

Cyberpost App Download for IOS

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