Opera Max Updated to Allow Free Access to Mobile Apps

Opera Max is quite one of the most popular Android Apps from the Opera Mini Community, which has been of great help to many people. The Opera Max is a data saving app, which is quite helpful for people who find mobile data expensive. The developers have updated a new feature, which will allow mobile phone operators to give a free access to selected apps for a set period.

The new feature included in the Opera Max for Android is called the App Pass. The new feature will be quite useful in the developing mobile markets, more so where data for mobile use seem quite expensive. This means that carriers will be able to offer trial for apps that any users may find useful without any data costs.

The new feature, App Pass, will make it possible for users to try any apps they previously had not and the ones they would like to have, without paying anything. This will help them in making the decision on whether the app(s) is suitable for data subscription or not. This is a great move because one can subscribe only to suitable and useful Top Apps should there be a need to subscribe to such apps.

Opera Max – Data manager App Download for Android

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