RBC Inc Mobile App for Android Revamped With a Completely New Design

RBC Mobile is a smartphone banking solution run by three bodies: Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Dominion Securities and Royal Bank of Canada Direct Investing Inc. With RBC Mobile for Android, you can send money to a friend, pay any bill wherever you are, deposit a check and even check your account balance without the need to sign in to your account.

RBC Mobile for Android has been updated with a new design, giving it an exact layout similar to the RBC Mobile for iOS devices. While the new design offers an impressive visual appeal, the update, also, made the app easier to use than before. The previous version of RBC Mobile for Android was complete garbage, and, to be brutally honest, not so many users loved it.

The new version is amazing. So amazing, in fact, now its users refers to it as one of Royal Bank of Canada’s best mobile banking experience of all time. What’s even more interesting about is the ability to check your account balances without repeat logins.

You know how annoying typing your login credentials repeatedly can be, thanks to RBC Mobile developers, the burden has now been lifted off your shoulder. According to the user base of RBC Mobile, the new update ahs tremendously improved their mobile banking experience.

RBC Mobile App Download for Android

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