Sony AR FUN camera app launched for Xperia phones

Sony has come out with a new app which is known as Sony AR Fun. This latest app is a camera app that has especially been designed and launched for Xperia Smartphones. This app will be available on Google Play store. Sony AR Fun app comes inbuilt with the latest Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 compact Smartphones.

This new app enables users to add 3D Text, images, objective and other effects on the video and the images which have been captured by using the camera of the Smartphone. Thus using this app, users can create interesting and funny pictures and can also doodle your thoughts in the 3D augmented reality space.

You can also throw various types of items like buckets and paintballs on faces in the viewfinder. Sony AR Fun app also lets you play pranks on your friends using virtual means.

There is also an automatic mode using which the app gets paired with Sony’s face recognition technology and the SmartAR engine to add virtual AR items to images and to detect 3D environments and detect faces. The apps requires Android 4.2 or higher to run and is 21MB in size.

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