YouTube Has Released YouTube Kids for Android and iOS

With YouTube Kids now available, video streaming now gains more parental control than before.YouTube launched an app that targets young children today. Known as the YouTube Kids, the Android App will present episodes of TV shows aimed at youngsters. The YouTube Kids is finally here and is available for both Android and IOS, and will include a timer that let parents to limit the number of hours their kids spend watching the TV shows and videos targeting the youngsters.

With minimal scrolling and kid-friendly design, the YouTube Kids is going be one of the biggest released YouTube has ever made this year as well as in its history. The home screen of the app has large titles, which features some of the most popular TV shows for kids. In addition, the app comes with four simple icons – shows, music, and learning and explore, which let children browse and get access to top videos that target the young generation. The app has completely approved content, which are suitable for the social growth and development of your child.

The app has come about from the constant request from parents to YouTube on the same issue, and was finally released on Monday, 23rd, February 2015. The app will make it safer and easier for kids to explore content they would like to engage with and is available for download from Google Play Store and iTunes.

YouTube Kids App Download for Android

YouTube Kids App ownload for IOS

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