YouTube Android App Updated to Trim Videos before Upload

YouTube has updated its Android Apps to enable video trimming before upload. So if any of the videos you intend to upload has fluffs at the end of the clips, you can chop them off in seconds, and then upload the videos afterwards. The app now has more easy-to-use Tools for editing your videos, a great change made to the app to ensure that Android users with YouTube accounts and channels upload only best content to their YouTube account.

A blue handle will appear on the video that you intend to upload. The ends of the blue handle stands at the start and the end of the video respectively. The handle is pretty simple to use. You only tap and drag the handle to a desired start and end of your clip or home movie. A timestamp will appear at the top of the handle as you to the end point of your home movie, and the clip will run from start to finish when you make any changes.

Once you are satisfied that you have the final movie, properly edited and ready for upload, upload the content for the world to see.This may not be a huge change after all. However, it is a handy update for those who cannot wait to get home to upload a clip using their computers.

YouTube Updated App Download for Android

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