Oh, My Brain! Block Puzzle App Review

This is an addictive puzzle game which is a combination of 2 games, tangrams and tetris. This game has been developed by mToy. It consists of challenging levels and simple rules.

Oh, My Brain! Block Puzzle app

The game consists of varied shaped tetris style blocks and a grey colored shaded box in the center. Your goal is to drag each block into the box and combine them into a complete rectangle or square block. What makes this game much interesting and challenging is that every level consists of only a single solution. The blocks cannot be rotated as you prefer, so you have to plan and place every block in the appropriate location to make up a single block.

Oh, My Brain! Block Puzzle Review

You will have 2000 unique puzzles in this game. You can select your desired level and can play the game. Puzzles will turn more difficult as you progress with your game. The game consists of simple gameplay and the soundtrack and graphics are simple but effective. If you have played tetris game before, you feel this game is much better than that one.

Oh, My Brain! Block Puzzle Game

The game appears much simple but it is fun playing this game. Grab this app right now and try once, you will never leave this game behind!

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