Oyster brings a new reading app for Android devices

New York based Oyster has come out with a new reading app which can be downloaded on Android based devices.  This app works on both tablets and phones and is an app which gives you an unlimited subscription for eBooks.

Oyster reading app

Oyster requires you to pay a minimal sum of $9.95 per month to get an access to over 500000 books on your phone or tablet.  This app can be considered similar to Netflix with the only difference that this one gives you access to books and not movies.  Having Oyster on your mobile device will make you feel like you are going to a book club. On its launch, this app had about 100000 titles and now it has expanded to about 5 times.  One of the highlight features of this app is that you can use the volume control buttons if you wish to turn the page.

Some publishers which Oyster has tied up with are HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster.  The developer has hinted that there will be further updates for this app as well as and when more titles will be added.  The app will be launched on other platforms as well in the coming few months.

Oyster reading Download for Android App

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