FiftyThree announces Mix, a community for artists on iPad

FiftyThree has announced an online community for paper artists and this community is being called as ‘Mix’.  This is a community for iPad artists which will allow them to post, edit as well as download the paper sketches made by one another.

Paper by FiftyThree App

This app will be made available to all those people who use Paper for iPad and will be on the iTunes app store by the end of the month of October.  The special thing to note here is that this community can be accessed through the web as well.  The main purpose of launching this app according to the company is to let people collaborate without the need to go through hoops.  The community enables artists to not only create sketches but also share them online.

The sketches shared online through this app can be downloaded by a single tap and can be saved on iPad through a notebook for Paper.  Once the sketch is saved, changes can be made to it and shared again. This feature is called as Remixing by the company.  The changes made to a particular sketch can be tracked by community members and this lets the sketch to be viewed as a stack-like interface.

FiftyThree app Download for iOS (free)

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