PatchWorkz- an addictive patch puzzler game for Android users

Patchworkz, an interesting puzzle game with simple game play for all devices that run on Android operating system. Players to complete a puzzle must grab the pieces present at the side bar and place on on the image to fill empty spaces.

Each piece that you place on the image will gleam when you have dropped it at correct place. Players can find 6 puzzles in a set and four sets for each pack. Every time when you finish the puzzle, you are asked if interest to play speed challenge.

Patchworkz Android App

Players to obtain three stars must finish all six puzzles under a specific amount of time. Players can find 6 packs that includes wood, fabric, metal, stone, paper , glass and two other bonus packs. Every pack provides different aesthetics and brain-bending challenges.

Patchworkz App


  • A charming and stunning user interface
  • Development of designs are made using wood, fabric, stone, metal, paper
  • Intuitive scoring system awards the players for making exact images
  • Grab the bonus packs by registering for Android Splash newsletter.

Play the new puzzler game on your Android device that features entirely new type puzzles, modes, attractive interface and simple game play. Players can have a great entertainment by solving these puzzles and enjoy the stunning and gritty wood pack.

Visit Google Play Store to download the App for $2.04.

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