Periscope is Finally on Android App Store

We all know Periscope, the famous Twitter live-streaming service that was once accessible only to iOS users. Well, after two month on iOS platform, Twitter has made periscope available on Google Play for Android Smart Phone users. The app has come with unique features targeted to enhancing the experience of Android device users.


The periscope’s notification feature will help Android users to gain instant access to broadcast immediately someone they are following and or following them broadcasts something new. Periscope for Android will enable the users to pause broadcasts and continue watching later should they be interrupted by other activities during a streaming. The ability to save the stream for replay later is an amazing feature that Android users will find useful. This means that you will be saving time as well as mobile data at the same time.

The initial goal was to limit the use of periscope on iOS platform only. But in a bid to ensure that Android users enjoyed the same experience as the iOS device owners, Periscope decided to venture into Android, creating the app and making it accessible to all Android users through Google Play Store.

You can download this app free from Google Play and enjoy the entertaining benefits of Periscope for Android.

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