Racing Moto App Review

Racing Moto is an addictive racing game developed by DroidHen Casual. This game deals with controlling a fast-pace vehicle in a heavy traffic time. During your journey, you enjoy wonderful views like forest, desert, and many more!

Racing Moto App

In this game, as a player you have to drive an incredible speed bike in a heavy traffic road. Your bike accelerates automatically as the level starts and you need to control the turnings by just tilting your device. Your main goal is to drive as much distance as possible avoiding collisions with other vehicles and side walls. You also have a speed boost option, which you can activate by simply tapping your finger on the screen. The players are provided up to 5 levels of booster.

Racing Moto Game

Your current booster is displayed on the top right hand side of your screen. During the boost, you gain a points-multiplier which increases your score rapidly. Your score is directly proportional to your speed. But at high speed you will find it difficult to react to the other oncoming vehicles.

Racing Moto Review

The best part of the game is that the car’s movement can be identified by their indicator lights. But if you drive your vehicle at a very high speed, it will be very difficult to notice those indicators. This game also consists of a tutorial section which helps the players to learn and understand about the game.

The graphics are excellent in this game and the soundtrack is good. On the whole, this is a really good game to play. Kids enjoy this game a lot.

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