Railway Game App Review

Railway Game is a great way to entertain yourself in your free time. This game was developed by PHPLego. It is all about building the railway tracks, controlling the signals and guiding the train to its appropriate destination.

Railway Game Review

Here your main goal is to build tracks, manage trains, and control semaphores and switches, and guide the trains to their appropriate destination. Initially you are only provided with 2 stations which serve as a starting point and a destination point to guide your trains.

But later on, you will encounter the development of new railway stations nearby your former stations. You need to build tracks to connect the newly developed stations to the former stations in order to direct the trains. On guiding a train safely to its perfect destination without colliding with other trains, you will earn certain amount of dollars.

Railway Game App

There are several worlds to play with, like Earth, Venus, Moon and so on. Each world consists of a set of puzzles. Initially you are only provided with a single unlocked world, and you will unlock the next world on completing a world. Each world comprises of 3 difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard. You can select any of the difficulty levels before you start your game.

Railway Game

A demo section is also available which clearly shows how to play the game. The graphics are clean and good and the soundtrack is normal.

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