Real Racing 3 now available for Android users

Real Racing 3 developed by Electronic Arts was released in to Google Play store for Android users. The game comes with few impressive graphics that gives an amazing racing experienced for avid racing fans all over the world.

Player willing to install the real racing 3 on their smartphone must ensure that they have atleast 1.7 GB of free space and it takes around 15 minutes to finish the installation.

Real Racing 3 game

 In comparison to the previous version of the game, the new real racing 3 game is packed with fun racetracks and players can choose a car from 45 high performance and super power cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and M’claren etc.

Players can now compete or challenge their friends with new TSM (Time Shift Multi-player) feature. Players can take part in more than 900 events that includes cup championships, drag race, elimination races and endurance competitions

Real Racing 3 Android game

 The game allows players to upgrade their car parts to enhance their performance. Players can set their personal preference for each race that they take part in and view the entire racing action in multiple camera angles.

The Real Racing 3 features rear view mirrors and most advanced racing tracks from popular destinations across the world that includes Silverstone, Laguna seca, Hockenheimring etc.

To play this amazing racing game, users have to download the App from Google Play store.

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