Schedalls Android App – To Create and Send SMS Messages in Advance

Schedalls, a smooth and dependable App that allows the users to draft SMS in advance and then set a time and date to send it to the respective recipient. You can choose to send the SMS either to one recipient or many recipients.

For instance, the App is helpful while sending SMS to friends and colleagues during the New year Eve. The App provides users with an option to send SMS at a later point, in case if there is no network coverage at your current location.

Schedall's  App

Schedall’s App will instantly post all your status updates on Facebook, once you purchase the paid version of the App. Users can event post on their friend’s wall once they sync all their Facebook contact with Android powered device, users can make use of schedall settings to post comments.

Schedall's Android App

User can view latest notifications related to Schedalls App, review all their previous sent messages and draft templates that can be forwarded on special occasions.

The App runs smoothly and SMS messages that you send will arrive on schedule time. It evens supports twitter and email functionality.

Schedalls App is available for free at Google play store and the free version of the App has less features. To experience advanced features of the App, purchase paid version for EUR 1.00.

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